Buckeye - We Travel to Travel

by Buckeye

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Ryan M Robson
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Ryan M Robson I miss these guys, I heard about them from my brother. Always wanted to hear them play here in El Paso. But never got the chance.. Love the album. Raw, Acoustic, and from the Borderland. Enjoy. Favorite track: RIO, TATTOOS, and CIGARETTES.
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released December 31, 2005



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Leatherfist Records El Paso, Texas

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it was so easy for you to say i dont love you anymore you might as well have been saying it to yourself. now im dead because the past is dead and thats where ive been living in my head in my past not that nothing is ever going to last. you aint seen nothing yet no you aint heard nothing yet so come on baby lend me your ears so you can hear us sing our woes. water goes right in the mouth right out the tear duct. Im always thirsty always tired of hearing the truth so lets go distract ourselves from reality. lets go get fucked up, buy that new cd. smoking popes so we can listen to josh talk about everything we seem to be going through in exact detail to remind us that we still deserve to be loved.oh i wish it were true that there is someone out there for everyone else like you had said but i doubt it.
Track Name: Buckeye - LET THIS BE A REMINDER
what could it take to bring it all out lay it on the table make it barrel off of the edge. is the solution confrontation or is it the turning of your heel making good of your soul. you say we dont know, my fist in your face, i used to talk to you when i had nowhere to go but now your just a waste. it makes me think it makes me wonder why spinning round till your feet cant touch the ground, so take your long hard fall.
Track Name: Buckeye - LET IT BECOME HABIT
all he ever wanted to do was walk for once. now the seat is empty as he's lost his way. and now hes all alone. it was all planned out like writing on the wall all he had to do was choose. a perfect moment picturesque with nothing left to lose. but nothing is worth losing when nothing means the world to you. now he looks for something more than midnight binges on the floor. a smile and a nod. he's realized hes not the same.
Track Name: Buckeye - FROM THE 915
summers gone it came and went like lovers time without consent dont think twice it will be alright. broken empty bottle and a babys crying as a soldiers eyes turn to the sky its alright because we'll still sleep tonight. i never thought there could be a begining in an ending. as the lights come on in the city they shine so bright they blind my eyes as i look from the mountain i see those passing ships in the harbor and i think what i would give to be there. how come it seems that those who have the most are lacking everything they need as the homless cry all you need is love.
Track Name: Buckeye - LANDLOCKED
I walked tonight on the see of things that crossed my mind and i figured out why fish swim deep where there is no light because they don't want to be seen, made nothing special like me. they don't have the burden of closing their eyes to all of their problems night after night so i spit and curse this life. but i realize i wasn't given these two feet for nothing gotta stand up and take the initiative. i wasn't made to lay down watch things just pass me by. i wont sit and no longer bitch about this life. im sure the fish have got it great but my two legs have got something to say.
Track Name: Buckeye - THE LAST ONE
how could something so meaningful be so god damn dispensable and i never thought that i wouldn't be able to see that look in your eyes again. its alright because tonight you'll be able to close your eyes and im sorry but I've never been good with goodbyes.its hard to see you go hard not to cry, i want to be there with you why cant i be there with you. i hope you're fine now hope they've stopped the shaking, im sorry i couldn't do much better.
Track Name: Buckeye - 9 TO 5 AND THEN SOME
im sick, im tired im lonely and for what, i don't know. i walk the same way every day for what, i don't know. you'll believe what they want you to as long as they've got the money to prove it. if you'll spin for a dime imagine what you'll do for a buck. held back by something that i just don't understand drawn to the same routine with hopes there's something in the end. Ive fallen down before so ill get back up again but it doesn't mean my spirit's intact. am i just waking up everyday to work this job that seems to be killing me, what do i come home to what do i look forward to anymore.
Track Name: Buckeye - ANTHEM
this songs for you whoever s out there listening its for you no matter what your thinking and you may not seem to like it but you might as well start clapping because we're not going to stop singing till our hearts beat with the tempo our feet locked in a march that inspires us to keep on going and we'll sing and we'll dance till we just go insane and our laughter will be the chorus so that everyone can sing and our tears will be the verse fueled by this world that we live in.
i know its the last thing that you wanted out of me but the least that i deserve is a little simpathy. to think this is the last time that i could ever feel anything without having to worry that this was everything in its entirety. why am i here is just to be ridiculed as soft slurs fill the background of the airwaves. when i was 5 i never thought id be like this screaming songs about how im just a pacifist and the worst pain in the world is the explosion right after you have hoisted your own petard. no you couldnt survive the roaches would crawl in through your nose eat the muscle the fat until you were bone and none of it would have mattered not the looks or the makeup or the men who wanted it so bad.
Track Name: Buckeye - RIO, TATTOOS, and CIGARETTES
i hope i don't fall down again because im afraid you wont be there to help me back up dust me off send me on my way. now there's times where i wait for the banks of the Rio to break flood and take me off my feet but i stand strong because when i tremble im bound to fall i stand strong because when i tremble im coming down. take of that tattoo on your wrist for me. ill be waiting for you to call but i know that you wont but i don't mind wasting my time for right now. I don't know were we went wrong but at least i have these cigarettes to keep me warm for now. all the good times we've had are now gone and that's real life and the good times we had are never coming back and that's real life that's real life for me.